About TV189

E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd was established on March 25, 2011 in Shanghai, formerly known as China Telecom's video operations center, which was responsible for the operations of mobile and online video business within China Telecom Group. June 2, 2012, E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd completed the first round private equity investment and declared its’ exclusive operation of China Telecom's video business.

After three years of development, by virtue of its unique business model and standard operating system, as well as superior carrier resources, E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd achieved the leapfrog growth of business. By the end of November 2012, the total number of users of E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd has exceeded 90 million while expanding its business areas from mobile to cross-screen, PC, PAD and OTT TV. The company relies on the advanced mobile streaming and video downloads technologies to provide content-rich, high-quality high-definition online video and download services for the majority of Chinese internet and mobile users.

Within three years, adhering to the concept of "cooperation and win-win", E-Surfing Media Co., Ltd has reached a broad cooperation with 120 partners to collaborate with upstream and downstream enterprises and jointly promote the gathering and development of China's video industry. The company now has become one of the largest premium video services platform and the successful implementation of the business model that users pay to watch.

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